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I was reading a blog post by a Dutch journalist who is a watchman.Bell & Ross Replica His comments were quite offensive to me. Bell & Ross Replica I received many replies, which led me to question the validity of some statements.You can read the statement that set off alarm bells here. It was this: "Doing your research and fact finding is a normal Bell & Ross Replica method of acting for journalists. But since most people writing about watches are not trained journalists, we tend be the exception."There are many other websites that are bad, horrible or shady. They simply copy press releases from other websites. Some Bell & Ross Replica websites even copy content I wrote. These websites are often copied by others and I try not to be influenced by them. There are many bloggers who create their own content. The link page contains a list of my favourite blogs.Bell & Ross Replica

The (Unfortunately, the replies to this post that make the statements more explicit have been removed from the website.All four points are valid,Replica Watches I have to admit. Only one of these statements is true. Most people Bell & Ross Replica writing about watches online, at least, are not trained journalists like me. Does this mean we are bad journalists? Is this to say that we don’t research our own stuff? These imputations are more than I can agree with, even though I speak only for myself.I think I Bell & Ross Replica have made my point. I believe that there are many excellent journalists online and offline who do an incredible job, regardless of their training.Bell & Ross Replica

Watch magazines are what I associate with professional and Bell & Ross Replica experienced journalists. Most of us, and I don't just mean watch enthusiasts, collectors, read at least one watch Bell & Ross Replica magazine every now and again. Watch magazines are mainly written by professional and trained journalists. I use the term "most of content" because I write for a magazine, and I know many more untrained journalists who do. It's evident that magazines don't have a lot of content that is based on my own research and fact Bell & Ross Replica finding. It is simply compiled from press releases.Baselworld and other watch fairs are also on my list. I have even been to Switzerland to meet the brands and visit the factories. I meet other bloggers at the annual fairs, such as Robert-Jan Broer from Bell & Ross Replica Fratellowatches, Ben Clymer from Hodinkee, David Chalmers (Calibre11), Gerard Nijenbrinks of Horlogenieuws, Olivier Muller and Ian Ellery (both for Thewatchlounge). These are my Bell & Ross Replica favorite watch bloggers. But I think there are many more watch bloggers out there who, unfortunately, are not able to travel to Switzerland to attend the annual fairs and other events. Think of Kyle Stults from Perpetuelle, who does an incredible job, and many others. Bloggers who are passionate about watches do it because it is Bell & Ross Replica motivating.

This is not a position I take against magazines. I'm not surprised that watch magazines are struggling to find the facts and do their Bell & Ross Replica research.Best Replica Watches They're in heavy weather, so it goes. The statement that "Doing your research and fact-finding is a normal way to act as a journalist" is false, at least when it comes to watch Bell & Ross Replica magazines. To be clear, I'm not saying that journalists who write for a watch mag are bad journalists. They are honest with themselves and work hard to create a magazine that fits within their budget.Do you agree that these untrained journalists are bad Bell & Ross Replica journalists? They don't research or do fact finding. Does the fact that someone is a trained reporter guarantee research, fact finding, and original content?

The second question is whether bloggers, or untrained journalists like me, are bad journalists. They don't do their research and fact-finding. Bell & Ross Replica I'm sure I do my research and fact-finding on my own,Bell & Ross Replica and I most Bell & Ross Replica often use the internet to do this. It is easy to find information on older collections that are sometimes Bell & Ross Replica not listed on the website. You can also find information on technical aspects and historical facts. It is easy to find information from many sources via the internet.Bell & Ross Replica